TRIDENT Closing Conference

Between March 14-16, 2023, "Septimiu Mureșan" Police School Cluj-Napoca, in cooperation with the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, with Rhineland-Palatinate Police University (Germany) and Public Order Technical School Miskolc (Hungary) as partners, organized the Closing Conference of the TRIDENT Project "Guiding the guide - an European approach of police internship", no. 2020-1-RO01-KA202-080136.

The first day of the Closing Conference was dedicated to the presentation of the participants - more than 70 representatives of the police training departments and public order structures from all the counties in the country - and the debate "Tutoring during the internship".

The work of the Conference continued the next day with theoretical and practical workshops. The theoretical stage of the day consisted in discussing the topics: Impediments in the implementation of tutoring; Concrete activities in which students can be involved during the internship; Harmonization of the student's level of preparation during internships and upon graduation; The tutor-student relationship during the internship; Policing for all: (non)preparing students during tutoring to address marginalized/disadvantaged and/or vulnerable groups.

The day continued with a canine demonstration offered by the crews of the "Dr. Aurel Greblea" Canine Center Sibiu.

Afterwards, the participants, divided into groups, went through several practical workshops aimed at: Modern methods of education: The shooting simulator to help the tutor for the internship; Best practice methods: Items that should not be missing from the virtual library; Transforming challenging experiences into examples of good practice; Modern methods of education: Using VR glasses in police training: attention test (details from 3600 images); Modern methods of education: Trident educational platform: the advantages of the virtual library; Challenges of diversity: Sensory communication, diversity and integration. Relationship with marginalized / vulnerable / disadvantaged groups; The policeman as a defender of life: First aid understood by all; ERASMUS projects for everyone; The importance of inter-institutional links for the development of partnership relations: discussions with TRIDENT partners, Rhineland-Palatinate Police University and Public Order Technical School Miskolc.

The final day of the TRIDENT Project Closing Conference attracted an audience of nearly 100 participants. The representatives of the police training departments and public order structures from all the counties were joined by guests from partner institutions in Cluj county in the field of public order and the educational environment, as well as, online, from the Erasmus+ funding agency. The experts of the three project partners briefly presented the results of their work within the Trident Project: the intellectual products Basic elements of the occupational standard for tutors; Professional training standard for tutors - project; Curriculum for the training of tutors - project; The Internship Guide; Internship guide for tutors; Internship guide for students; TRIDENT educational platform. **